The Best Dog Food Controversy

by Rob Mueller

Searching for the best dog food for our dogs is like searching for the holy grail. A significant amount of myth, confusion, hype, mis-information and unfounded research exists in developing the ideal dog food. Every manufacturer claims to have developed the ideal balance and complete food. The reality is that every one of these fabricated menu choices CAN’T be the ideal formula, because it is quite evident that the formula doesn’t exist. Why? Because no one person knows the perfect way to feed a dog (a carnivore). Is it proper to feed a dog a grain based diet? Is it appropriate to heat process the ingredients to render it SAFE from bacterial contamination? Is it sensible to add harmful ingredients in order to make it more palatable? Is it logical that a bag of dry kibble dog food can stay FRESH for 6 months with the bag left open? Is is harmful for your dog to consume a raw, unprocessed food source (like a BARF Diet)?

We can all speculate as to what the best food choice would be for dogs but it all comes down to common sense. Our company philosophy is based on common sense, testimonials, and a willingness to weigh the benefits and advantages against the potential risks. Other companies make their ingredient decisions based on cost, availability, and proposed scientific research. It is my contention that the research has been conducted with the intention of trying to find ways to make the digestive capacity of a carnivore function more as an omnivore.

Trying to make a meat eater enjoy a grain based meal is like feeding steak to a Koala bear. It becomes a challenge to find a suitable meal that will allow for growth and reproduction. The kibble manufacturers of the world have found a way to feed the majority of this nations dogs, a grain-based formula (a diet suitable for cattle not dogs). It is my mission, to provide a suitable and biologically appropriate diet for dog owners that are striving to improve the health and well being of their prized family pet.

Just like the current political climate in this country, where the citizens are demanding to have a better voice in how this country is run; an increasing number of dog owners are demanding a CHANGE to improve the health of their pets.